Work Placement

The Diploma in Commercial Skydiving includes a work placement module, where you will be required to work full time on a commercial dropzone, in New Zealand or overseas, for 12 weeks. We will work through a process to assist you in selecting a place at a dropzone that is suitable to you and your circumstances.

This work placement enables you to gain experience within the industry, putting into practice all that you have learned during the course here at the New Zealand Skydiving School. While on placement your work placement provider will provide you with 30 skydives on a seat by seat available basis.

Many students are presented with job opportunities upon completion of their work placement, so it is a crucial part of our course, providing you with hands on experience in the industry.

Our work placement providers are located all over the world, where will the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving take YOU?

Over 90% of graduates from 2015, 2016 and 2017 are still currently employed in the skydiving industry, with over 79% of those employed as skydiving instructors or free-fall camera flyers!

A total of 100% of our graduates from our 2018 intakes, were offered skydiving-related employment upon successful completion of their work placement.

89% of graduates in 2020 were offered skydiving related employment upon successful completion of their Diploma.

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