Diploma in Commercial Skydiving Price & Equipment Costs


Course fees for both domestic and international students are listed below.
Domestic Students International Students
Eligible for NZ Fees Free Tertiary Education Scheme $0 not applicable
Unlicensed student $12,017 $19,252
Licensed student** $9,422 $16,680
Plus purchase of equipment, see details below

**Must hold an NZPIA Parachute Certificate with A endorsement or equivalent.

The course fees are subject to change. 2024 tuition fees will be released August 2023.

If you are a New Zealand citizen or an Australian Citizen living in NZ for 3+ years, you may be eligible for funding for the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving:

– Tertiary education is Fees Free for eligible first time tertiary students. 

– Through the NZ Government you may be eligible for a StudyLink student loan which will help to pay for your course fees, study materials and living costs.

When you are accepted onto the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, a deposit of $500 is required to secure your place on the course.

If you are paying for the course independently (without assistance via Fees Free or StudyLink) you must be able to pay the full course fees:
Domestic: 4 weeks prior to start date
International: 12 weeks prior to start date

Course Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is compulsory for students to complete the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving:

Students wishing to complete skydives during work placement and begin working in the industry in a jump role (such as camera flyer) will also be required to purchase a complete parachute system with AAD.

Equipment Costs

Students are required to obtain certain necessary items of equipment for the Diploma. Many of these can be purchased during orientation at the School, or some may be acquired second hand before you arrive. A booklet on equipment purchases will be provided when you make an inquiry for the Diploma course to assist with this. Equipment costs cannot be covered by StudyLink, student loan or Fees Free.

EQUIPMENT: Orientation Day Price
Downsizing equipment hire fee*
- Unlicensed student
- Licensed student

Analogue wrist altimeter (Sapphire) $355
Audible altimeter (Solo) $475
- Full face G35
G35 Utility plate (for camera mounting)
- Open face Fuel

Go Pro Roller Mount
(Students are required to source their own Go Pro)

EQUIPMENT: Week 2 Price
Jumpsuit $600-800

*The downsizing equipment hire fee includes use of NZSS’ rental equipment for up to 170 jumps (unlicensed) / 145 jumps (licensed), which is the total number of jumps you can do on-site with us, prior to attending your work placement. Should you purchase your own parachute system, any un-used rental will be refunded directly to you, once you transition to your own equipment.

Those students wishing to pursue a career in skydiving will also be required to obtain their own parachute system. While this is not a requirement to complete the Diploma, those without their own parachute system will have reduced options for work placement and may not be able to rapidly pursue jump roles within the industry. We encourage and support you to purchase second-hand equipment and our instructors will assist you with this. Costs do vary depending on condition, age and use.

EQUIPMENT: If choosing to purchase your own parachute system Price
Full parachute system:
- Container and reserve
- Main parachute

$6500 -
(second hand)
UNLICENSED STUDENTS: We insist that you wait until you arrive at the school before you purchase your complete parachute system, whether it is new or second hand. Our instructors will offer advice in sourcing appropriate equipment once the course has started.

LICENSED STUDENTS: If you already have your own complete parachute system, please ensure that you provide specific details of your equipment in your application form. Your equipment must be checked for suitability prior to you being able to use it at the NZ Skydiving School.

Downsizing process and equipment hire fee

As your skills develop and change, so does your parachute system. The size of the parachute you jump is directly linked to your suspended weight under that parachute, combined with your jump numbers and skill level. As you get more experienced and your skills improve, your parachute size reduces. We call this the downsizing process.

In the early stages, the downsizing process is quite regular, however once you reach around 125 jumps it dramatically slows. If purchasing your own parachute system, our instructors will advise you to buy a system that you will jump for a long time. Buying too early can result in your skills increasing and that parachute system no longer being suitable for your skill level. To facilitate this process, the School has a wide range of parachute systems available for students. The payment for equipment hire is outlined below.

Un-licenced Students
Jump Number Equipment Costs
170 $3400 (invoice on orientation day, paid in advance)
Licenced Students
Jump Number Equipment Costs
145 $2900 (invoice on orientation day, paid in advance)

You are required to pay your equipment downsizing fee on orientation day.  If you transition onto your own equipment early, you will be refunded for unused equipment hire at $20 per jump.

Ordering Equipment

We appreciate that ordering equipment is a big financial commitment, which is why our dedicated team will help you every step of the way. When you make an inquiry to join the School, you will be provided with an information booklet on equipment. During the application process we will confirm you have the available funds for equipment purchases and gear hire and discuss these with you during the interview stage. Please note that during the first week you can expect to pay $5500 in equipment purchases and rental. This payment will cover your equipment hire fee and the necessary equipment you need to complete the course.

We encourage you to purchase your own skydiving jumpsuit, which is always fun to design! There are many options for custom made jumpsuits, from suppliers all over the world. You can choose one to fit your style and budget. Some options to consider are:





After our team have discussed which type of suit is most suitable for you, you will order and pay for this directly with the jumpsuit manufacturer. We encourage students to order jumpsuits within the first 2-3 weeks of the Diploma, so that they are able to use them during their jumps here at the school.

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