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Diploma Information

This 32 week full-time Diploma in Commercial Skydiving includes 200 skydives, teaches the latest skydiving techniques and covers a vast range of subjects to give students the best start in the industry. The qualification is New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved and also recognised by both of the governing organisations (NZPIA & CAA) and their operators across the country.

The diploma is divided into 5 modules, which includes a 12 week organised work experience placement with a commercial dropzone here in New Zealand or overseas.

Diploma Course Modules

This 32 week full time course includes 200 skydives and consists of the following five modules. Students who join as ‘licensed’ are not required to complete the first module and will therefore complete 170 skydives.

Module 1 :

A Certificate

Learning to skydive, developing freefall and canopy skills and learning about equipment, this module is all about the basics of skydiving and safety. Achievement of the NZPIA Parachute Certificate with A Endorsement.

Module 2 :

B Certificate

Group skydives, development of canopy and in-air freefall techniques, knowledge of technical, meteorological, aeronautical and regulatory knowledge. Achievement of the NZPIA B Endorsement.

Module 3 :

Commercial Skydiving

Freefall and canopy skills develop, with a strong focus on the commercial aspects of the skydiving industry including filming formation skydiving and filming tandems, completing high altitude descents, tandem parachute packing and equipment checks.

Module 4 :

Industry & Operations

Learning all about how dropzones operate, understanding and performing a range of roles within the commercial skydiving environment, developing customer service skills, learning safety management systems and developing regulatory knowledge.

Module 5 :

Work Placement

Apply relevant knowledge, skills and abilities within the commercial environment, working with customers and demonstrating knowledge of operational requirements at a DZ in New Zealand or overseas.

Course Requirements

In order to apply for the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Weigh 100kg or less
  3. Meet the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association (NZPIA) Fit & Proper Person criteria
  4. Have no serious medical conditions, be in good health and have a reasonable level of fitness
  5. Have access to the funds to pay for your course, equipment and living costs while studying this 32-week course
  6. Have a personal device, such as a Chromebook, notebook or laptop, for the duration of the course. Your device must be able to access the internet and have sufficient software for assignments (eg. Microsoft Word or access to Google Docs). A smartphone is not a suitable device.

If you are unsure whether you are able to meet the above requirements and would like further information, please contact us: school@skydiveauckland.com

International Students

In addition to the above, International Students must also:

  1. Have evidence of English language / understanding i.e IELTS General Training 6.0 or equivalent – a strong command of the English language is needed for success on the Diploma
  2. Meet NZ Immigration requirements for a study visa
  3. Have access to appropriate medical and travel insurance

Course Dates

The New Zealand Skydiving School has four intakes per year and the start dates are listed below:

15 July 2024 28 March 2025
14 October 2024 13 June 2025
13 January 2025 12 September 2025
14 April 2025 12 December 2025

The Diploma in Commercial Skydiving at the New Zealand Skydiving School is a full time course.

Want to skydive as a hobby rather than a career? The Learn to Skydive programme at Skydive Auckland is ideal for those looking to learn more casually.

Code of Practice

The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code) supports the wellbeing of tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education providers. NZSS has well implemented all outcomes of the code. Read our self review report here:


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