International students at the NZ Skydiving School

international students

Join us and Begin Your exciting Career in the Skydiving Industry!

Skydiving is an exciting career and the New Zealand Skydiving School welcomes applications from all over the world. We are committed to ensuring that students who come to study at our school are well informed, safe and properly cared for during their time with us and as such, we are a signatory to The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. This means we are approved to enrol international students and have set standards in place, to ensure adequate care is provided to all international students while studying at the New Zealand Skydiving School.

As an international student, we understand that you might have many questions about the Diploma, the New Zealand Skydiving School and studying in New Zealand. We are here to help you every step of the way.


To study the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, international students must apply for a student visa through Immigration New Zealand. Details of visa requirements and advice on rights to employment in New Zealand, while studying, is available through the New Zealand Immigration website. Unfortunately the New Zealand Skydiving School cannot provide you with a study visa, as this is something you must apply for yourself.

Travel insurance, which covers medical care, is compulsory for all international students for the duration of the Diploma. Upon acceptance the New Zealand Skydiving School will provide you with a handbook which includes recommended student insurance providers.

Working In New Zealand Once The Qualification Has Been Completed

International students wishing to stay and work in New Zealand after successful completion of their Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, will be required to obtain a work visa. More information on work visas can be found through Immigration New Zealand and we encourage all international students to evaluate their visa options, prior to applying for the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving. Obtaining a work visa is not guaranteed and can vary depending on your country of residence.


When you contact us, we will send you the prospectus which contains all the information you need, including course fees and equipment costs and pre-requisites for joining the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving.


We will help you through the application process, which will include an interview where we assess your suitability for the course.  We will find out more about you, explain the elements of the course and discuss post-study expectations.

In order to apply for the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, all international students must meet certain pre-requisites. One of these requirements is having evidence of strong English language skills (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent) as our Diploma is very interactive, where students are required to write, understand and speak English to a high standard.


You will have ongoing communication with our staff, to assist you through the enrolment process.

Pastoral Care

We will send you our International Student Handbook which is full of useful information about the New Zealand Skydiving School, studying in New Zealand and the help and support that will be provided while you are here. We also provide you with a buddy, who is a current student at the New Zealand Skydiving School, who will contact you prior to your arrival.

Transport & accommodation

We will provide transport options to get you from Auckland City to the New Zealand Skydiving School and will also help you organise your accommodation.


Before your first day at the New Zealand Skydiving School, your buddy will assist you settling in and getting organised, so you are ready for day one of your Diploma in Commercial Skydiving.
We care and we understand that the transition to studying in New Zealand can be difficult for some students, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you. We have a team of highly qualified and internationally experienced instructors and tutors who will support you throughout your Diploma, helping you learn a range of new skills, getting you ready for a skydiving career which could take you anywhere in the world!

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