The New Zealand Skydiving School is unique, being the only skydiving training provider offering the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving.  Our students receive world-class training, with access to excellent facilities, ensuring the best results.

For theoretical training, research and classroom based learning, our students have access to 27" iMac computers with high-speed internet, large projection screens and wall-mounted flat screen plasma TVs for presentations, all housed within a large, open and conducive learning environment.

The majority of the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving course features practical learning and the specific equipment we use, from the training harnesses to the parachutes, is of the highest quality and industry regulated.  Our ground training facilitity equipment gives students the most realistic experience and training, prior to making their descents.

Our 17-place PAC XL 750 aircraft reaches altitudes of 13,000ft+ in only 15 minutes, with the seating system and large windows ensure comfort during the ride.  

All of our student skydiving equipment is modern, comfortable and of the highest quality, conforming to industry specifications and regulations.

photo facilities

photo facilities