Course Equipment Requirements

The following equipment is compulsory for students to complete the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving and are also required by a free fall photographer to work within the industry:

  • Complete parachute system
  • Altimeter & audible altimeter
  • Automatic Activation Device (AAD)
  • Jumpsuit
  • Helmet
  • Go-Pro (or equivalent)

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Equipment Costs

Equipment costs vary considerably depending on the current exchange rates and whether you buy new or second hand. We have a growing number of suppliers who offer special deals for students who attend our courses. The table below is a guideline of the cost in NZ$ & USD$ to purchase your own equipment.  Skydiving equipment purchase is a requirement of the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving, regardless of whether you purchase brand new or second hand, you must have the appropriate funds available to purchase the equipment below.

New (price excludes shipping) Second Hand (approximate & excludes shipping)
Talon harness container & reserve parachute $5,600.00 NZD $5-8,000NZD dependant on availability
Vigil 2 Automatic Activation Device (AAD) $1995.00 NZD
Icarus Sapphire 2 main parachute (New Zealand Aerosports) $3,350.00 NZD
Altimeter (Sapphire) $220 NZD Purchase brand new on orientation
Audible Altimeter (Solo) $370 NZD Purchase brand new on orientation
Goggles $25 NZD Purchase brand new on orientation
Jumpsuit $295-$695 USD Purchase brand new on orientation
Helmet (two types to choose from) Cookie Fuel Helmet $450 NZD Purchase brand new on orientation
Cookie G3 Helmet $665 NZD Purchase brand new on orientation
Cookie’s Go-Pro mount $160 NZD -
Go Pro 4 camera $200-$550.00 NZD $200-$400 NZD
Downsizing equipment hire fee $1,000NZD Downsizing equipment hire fee


UNLICENSED STUDENTS: We insist that you wait until you arrive at the school before you purchase your complete parachute system, whether it is new or second hand. Our instructors will offer advice in sourcing appropriate equipment once the course has started.  

LICENSED STUDENTS: If you already have your own complete parachute system, please ensure that you provide specific details of your equipment in your application form.  Your equipment must be checked for suitability prior to you being able to use it at the NZ skydiving school.

THE DOWNSIZING PROCESS AND EQUIPMENT HIRE FEE: When purchasing equipment we aim to source a complete parachute system that will be suitable for you to jump once you have reached approximately 92 skydives. As your skills develop and change, so does your parachute system and the size of parachute you jump is directly linked to your suspended weight under that parachute combined with your skill level. As you get more experienced, generally the size of your parachute decreases, we call this the downsizing process.

In the early stages the downsizing process is quite regular, however once you reach 92 jumps it dramatically slows. This is why our instructors will advise you to buy a parachute system that is suitable for you from 92 jumps. If you purchase anything before this time it is likely you will have to sell it within a short time frame, as before long you will be requiring a system for a more experienced skydiver, therefore it is a waste of money.  In order to facilitate the downsizing process we have invested thousands of dollars in parachute systems, which we make available to you for jumping whilst you are progressing through the downsizing process. The payment system for equipment hire is outlined below for both un-licenced and licenced students.

Un-licenced Students

Jump Number Equipment Costs
1-25 Included in the tuition fees
26-92 $1000 (invoice on orientation day, paid in advance)
93+ $15 per skydive (paid at conclusion of each days jumping) until transitions onto own equipment

Licenced Students

Jump Number Equipment Costs
1-67 $1000 (invoice on orientation day, paid in advance)
68+ $15 per skydive (paid at conclusion of each days jumping) until transitions onto own equipment

You are required to pay $1000 gear hire on orientation day.  In the unlikely event you transition onto your own equipment early and you do not use up all allocated jumps in respect to equipment hire, you will be refunded for the unused equipment hire at $15 each per jump.

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Ordering Equipment

We appreciate that ordering equipment is a big financial commitment, which is why our dedicated team will help you every step of the way.  Equipment will be discussed in more detail during your interview, specifically expectations on equipment for your specific budget.

When you arrive, you will be expected to purchase your ancilllary equipment within the first week of the course, which can total between $1500-$2500 NZD.  

Jumpsuit: There are custom made for you.  There are many options available from all over the world, depending on your budget and we will discuss these with you during orientation.  We recommend Kurupee and Intrudair jumpsuits and our NZSS staff can assist you with measurements for these particular suits.  Students have also purchased Caos and Vertex jumpsuits but there are even more to chose from.  

Altimeters:  You will be required to purchase a wrist and audible altimeter.  These can be purchased on-site.

Helmets: NZSS recommends and can supply Cookie Composite helmets.  The G3 and Cookie Fuel are the most suitable helmets and they come in a range of colours.  You can try them on when you arrive and we will help you to measure your head too, to ensure you get the correct fit.

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