This 32 week course includes 200 skydives and boasts a 89% employment rate!

The New Zealand Skydiving School, based at Skydive Auckland, is the longest established skydiving institution within NZ.  We are the first and only training establishment to offer a formal skydiving qualification, which aims to teach students all the skills required to make them highly employable in the international skydiving industry.

The 32 week full-time Diploma in Commercial Skydiving includes 200 skydives, teaches our students the latest skydiving techniques, and covers a vast range of subjects to give students the best start in the industry.

The qualification is New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved and also recognised by both of the governing skydiving organisations (NZPIA & NZPO) and their operators across the country.

The course is divided into 5 modules, (see below) which include a 12 week organised work placement within a commercial drop zone, here in New Zealand or overseas. As a result of valuable industry experience to date 95% of graduates have been offered employment upon completion of the course.

Diploma Course Modules

The one year (32 week), full-time course consists of 200 skydives and the following five modules:

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title module1

Learning to skydive, developing freefall and canopy skills and learning about equipment, this module is all about the basics of skydiving and safety.  Achievement of the NZPIA Parachute Certificate with A Endorsement.

title module1

Group skydives, development of canopy and in-air freefall techniques, knowledge of technical, meteorological, aeronautical and regulatory knowledge.  Achievement of the NZPIA B Endorsement.

title module1

Freefall and canopy skills develop, with a strong focus on the commercial aspects of the skydiving industry including filming formation skydiving and filming tandems, completing high altitude descents, tandem parachute packing and equipment checks.

title module4

Learning all about how dropzones operate, understanding and performing a range of roles within the commercial skydiving environment, developing customer service skills, learning safety management systems and developing regulatory knowledge. 

title module1

Apply relevant knowledge, skills and abilities within the commercial environment, working with customers and demonstrating knowledge of operational requirements at a DZ in New Zealand or overseas. 

NB: Students who join as "licenced" complete 175 skydives, as they are not required to complete the first module.