To secure your position on the course a deposit of $500 is required to be paid upon notification of your acceptance. Full payment of your tuition fees must be paid into the school’s nominated trust account 3 months prior to commencement for international students. Fees held in the Independent Trust Account are subject to the student protection policy as required by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

No further discount is given to higher rated students, as the training is still specific to students’ individual needs.

International students
Unlicensed students who have no skydiving experience $16,692
Students who hold a current NZPIA or FAI recognized A License $14,778
Plus purchase of equipment See equipment costs

Please look up the current exchange rates at for an idea of course costs in your currency. You will need to pay your full course fees (at least 12 weeks in advance of your course start date) before we can provide you with the appropriate paperwork to apply for your visa.