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Parachute Packer
Every busy dropzone requires people who are skilled at packing tandem and individual parachute systems. Having knowledge in this field can help you in the introductory stages of your skydiving career. Parachute packing is often the initial stepping stone to a career in skydiving.

Video Editor
For every camera package purchased, a video editor is required to produce a polished presentation of the customer's skydive. Many dropzones have dedicated video editing facilities, which require the skills of a video editor.

Ground Crew
A manifestor is the key person responsible for the efficient day-to-day coordination and operation of a dropzone. They are usually the first point of contact for all clients and are responsible for administering and organising skydiving flights, including correctly assigning instructors with passengers. Manifesting is often the busiest position on the dropzone and requires good people skills, careful planning and accuracy in transacting data.

Camera Flyer
We’ve all seen the action photos of skydivers flying through the skies. There has to be someone taking these photos and this is the role of a freefall cameraperson. There is a high level of flying skill involved in this field and the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving will help you to develop these skills. A freefall cameraperson is kept busy at any commercial skydiving centre. Once a skydiver has an NZPIA B licence, 200 jumps logged and the necessary camera skills, they can work as a freefall cameraperson in New Zealand. Once operating in this role you will be surprised how quickly jump numbers are accumulated. The course will allow you to meet the minimum requirement to qualify as a freefall cameraperson.

Tandem Master
Tandem masters are in high demand at any commercial dropzone. Tourists and locals alike flock to experience the thrill of tandem skydiving while in the capable hands of a tandem master. The more determined skydiver can gain this rating after only 2 years.  Once you are employed as a freefall cameraperson, the required jump numbers to progress to this role are rapidly achieved.

AFF Jumpmaster / Instructors
It is a highly rewarding experience teaching students, using your knowledge to help develop their skills in skydiving and to see them progress.  Following 2 years as a Jumpmaster, with further training, you can apply to become an AFF Instructor, with further responsibilities which include training coaches and Jumpmasters.

Those interested in becoming AFF Jumpmasters or AFF Instructors must first become a coach.  The role of a coach is varied and includes developing a student's in-air skills to help them progress to their A and B Endorsement.  You can also be responsible for teaching canopy control skills and packing.

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The New Zealand Skydiving School is unique, being the only skydiving training provider offering the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving.  Our students receive world-class training, with access to excellent facilities, ensuring the best results.

For theoretical training, research and classroom based learning, our students have access to 27" iMac computers with high-speed internet, large projection screens and wall-mounted flat screen plasma TVs for presentations, all housed within a large, open and conducive learning environment.

The majority of the Diploma in Commercial Skydiving course features practical learning and the specific equipment we use, from the training harnesses to the parachutes, is of the highest quality and industry regulated.  Our ground training facilitity equipment gives students the most realistic experience and training, prior to making their descents.

Our 17-place PAC XL 750 aircraft reaches altitudes of 13,000ft+ in only 15 minutes, with the seating system and large windows ensure comfort during the ride.  

All of our student skydiving equipment is modern, comfortable and of the highest quality, conforming to industry specifications and regulations.

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photo facilities