Book your skydiving adventure with Skydive Auckland using the booking form below.

Alternatively, you can book your skydive direct direct by phone using the numbers on the Contact Us page. We ask that you call us 24 hours before your tandem skydive on our FREEPHONE number 0800 921 650 to confirm your booking and again an hour before your jump time to check the weather.

If you would like to BUY SKYDIVE GIFT VOUCHERS please click here.

You can now also purchase a Gift Card which is redeemable at either Skydive Auckland or at Skydive Taupo. Gift cards make a great gift as you choose the dollar value that you would like to contribute to a skydive for someone else.

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9,000 feet (2,743.2m) NZ$ 295
13,000 feet (3,962.4 m) NZ$ 325
16,500 feet (5029.2 m) NZ$ 425
If you would like to choose a DVD option now then please do so below. You are also able to make this decision on the day just before you skydive if you wish to see examples of the different options available.
DVD/Other Options Price People
DVD NZ$ 129
Photos NZ$ 119
Photos + DVD NZ$ 179
T-Shirts NZ$   35
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/ 220lbs / 15.5 stone
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