Our students have had great success all over New Zealand and the world, in a wide variety of roles.  Here are just a few:

Paddy Wyllie

NZSS - January 2016

After graduating in June 2016, Paddy went on to do his work placement in Sydney, Australia. He is now working there full time as a Tandem Master and an AFF Instructor.


Dylan O'Neil

NZSS - July 2015

Before the NZSS, I was travelling around Australia and working in hospitality. I just wanted to learn how to skydive because I thought it would be a cool hobby. Managing to score a job in the industry was a bonus! For now, I'm happy working as a camera flyer in Wanaka. Twelve months from now, I'm planning on being a tandem master and hoping to travel the world.

Kai Lun

NZSS - July 2015

I always wanted a career in skydiving. My aim is to become a tandem master and I am working my way towards this while I work at Skydive Auckland packing parachutes and being a camera flyer. One day I would like to travel the world, perhaps Europe, being a tandem master.

Owen Teggin

NZSS - April 2011

I started my work placement in Skydive Taupo and then when they opened the Auckland location I moved there for the opening. I worked as ground crew for just under 2 years building up my jump numbers. In December 2013 I did my tandem rating and have been a full time Tandem Instructor since May 2014.

Paul Jeune

NZSS - April 2008

My entire life was spent as a fitness trainer and I wanted a lifestyle change. I found the course and it sounded perfect. I moved over from the UK and have since lived in NZ. So far I have worked as a camera flyer, tandem master and AFF Instructor. I am now course Director at the NZSS. I help others achieve their skydiving dreams and it is the best job in the world.

Averil Peace

NZSS - July 2014

My older sister did the course in 2011 and from then I knew this was what I wanted to do. As soon as I started the course I knew I wanted to be an AFF Instructor. I did my placement at Skydive Auckland and got my AFF rating in December 2016 and it is the best job ever.

Josh Bode

NZSS - July 2014

I wanted to be a tandem instructor or AFF Instructor and NZSS seemed to be the best way to achieve this. After choosing Auckland to do my work placement I did my tandem rating in December 2016 and now get paid to jump out of a plane with customers, it's awesome!

Rueben Magdy Mohssen

NZSS – January 2015

Current employment: Camera Flyer, NZone in Queenstown.

After leaving his day job as a mechanic, Reuben started Skydiving School in January 2015. Less than a year later he is now a full time camera flyer in Queenstown, spending his days jumping with the spectacular views of The Remarkables in the background.

daniel mckimm1

Daniel McKimm

NZSS - October 2012

Current employment: Camera Flyer, Tandem Master, AFF Instructor @ Skydive Abel Tasman   

After completing his work placement at NZone in Queenstown, working as a Camera Flyer, Dan also worked as an AFF Instructor for the New Zealand Skydiving School before moving to Skydive Abel Tasman where he enjoys being able to work in a variety of roles.

Other hobbies: When not developing his Canopy Piloting skills, Dan likes to go hiking in the local national parks.

noell thorington1

Noell Thorington

NZSS - October 2012

Current employment: Camera Flyer @ NZone Queenstown

After completing my work placement at NZone, I worked as a packer and then became a part-time camera flyer.  Once the summer season kicked in, I was put on camera full-time, which sees me doing about 100 jumps per month in summer and 70 per month during winter. The most work jumps i've done in one day is 13!

Other achievements: I was recently cast in the Samsung Galaxy s5 phone advert, as a skydiving bride.

joe dyson1

Joe Dyson

NZSS - April 2011

Current employment:  Tandem Master / Camera Flyer @ Skydive Taupo 

After completing my work experience at Skydive Taupo, I was offered a job and have worked for the company ever since. During winter this year I am doing a season at Skydive Vancouver as an AFF Instructor, Camera Flyer and Tandem Master and will return to New Zealand in the summer.

Favourite discipline: Canopy Piloting

Other hobbies: Speedflying (Member of the Swing Speedfly Team)


mason holden1

Mason Holden

NZSS - April 2009

Current employment:  AFF Instructor @ Skydive Dubai

After completing my work experience and advanced course, I worked as a camera flyer, AFF instructor and tandem master at SkydivingNZ.  Following that I moved to Australia where I carried out the same roles for Skydive Nagambie and I also worked as a rigger, before moving to my current role at Skydive Dubai.  I also compete in Canopy Piloting.


Kelly Cameron

NZSS – January 2007

Current employment: Tandem master at Tauranga Tandem Skydiving

Now a full time tandem master at Tauranga Tandem Skydiving, Kelly did the course back in 2010. She’s been part of multiple Australian Record attempts, as well as gaining AFF Instructor rating in both Australia and NZ!



Chris Stewart

NZSS – April 2008

After starting off as a camera flyer in Byron Bay, Chris progressed to be one of New Zealand’s best canopy pilots, competing in the World Air Games in Dubai in 2015, as well as representing NZ in numerous other world class events.


mick pemberton1

Mick Pemberton

NZSS - April 2007

Current employment:  Tandem Master / AFF Instructor / Camera Flyer @ Skydive Auckland

My work experience was at NZone Rotorua and once this was finished, they offered me employment as a camera flyer then as a tandem master, once I achieved my rating.  I worked here for a few seasons and then took a job at Skydive Fiji as a camera flyer and a tandem master, to escape the NZ winter and then took a position as camera flyer and tandem master at Skydive Taupo until I moved to Skydive Auckland.

Hobbies: Base jumping in Europe


Colin Aitchison

NZSS – October 2007

Colin is now the General Manager and a Tandem Master at Skydive Fiji. After going to Queenstown for his work placement he progressed into camera flying and tandems, along the way receiving awards from NZ Tourism for skydiving photography, as well as gaining five current world records for skydiving wingsuiting within NZ.